Randy Winfrey

Starting Strength Coach

Randy has been in the fitness training business for 19 years, prior to that he was a special agent investigator with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. During his military career he became involved in endurance sports like many others in the military. After he left the military in 1997, he started a personal training business specializing in endurance sports which also included weight training as he understood it at the time. Frustrated with frequent injuries, fatigue and the increasing realization that he was weak from too much focus on endurance, Randy sought out other training opportunities. He began his barbell novice linear progression in 2011, completed the Starting Strength seminar in December 2011, and was awarded the Starting Strength Coach designation in January 2012. Today he is a member of the Starting Strength Seminar Staff, trains clients in the Houston area and coaches 8th grade Track and Field and soccer teams.

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