Nikki Burman

Chief Administrator, SSC

Nikki obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in the Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2008. While working in the field since graduation, she has received numerous personal training certifications and tried out various forms of “fitness” before being introduced to Starting Strength in 2013.

Nikki moved from St. Louis, MO to Phoenix, AZ in 2014 to work for a different training company. In addition to in-person coaching, she ran a successful online training business and started interning with SSOC in January of 2018. She then obtained her Starting Strength Credential and joined the SSOC team, becoming the first and only female SSC in Arizona.

On a personal level, Nikki discovered her training skyrocketing after hiring her coach with SSOC as soon as the company launched. The accountability and detailed feedback she received made her a better lifter.

“I see people struggling with weight and body image, but the mental benefits you obtain from training with barbells is most often overlooked. Not only can the transformation you receive from barbell training lead you to becoming the strongest and leanest you have ever been, but also a more confident person” says Nikki. She continues, “You also learn to eat in a way that fuels your strength and how to maintain that a lifetime. In summary, having a coach enables you to achieve the maximum benefit from your barbell training.”

Nikki loves building strong relationships with her clients and watching them become a stronger person-far beyond the physical benefits. As they get stronger, they become more confident, carry themselves differently, and change the way they handle everyday life issues. Whether her client is training for life or for a powerlifting meet, she finds watching the joy on their face after lifting a weight they never thought was possible to be priceless. Nikki’s true passion is to inspire as many people as possible to train with barbells!

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