Niki Sims

Niki Sims

Relationship Manager, SSC, SSOC Team Leader

I have been a Starting Starting Strength Coach since 2013. I am currently an active SS Staff Member at camps and seminars, contribute articles to SS and I coach at Atlanta Barbell in Georgia. I am also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.

Prior to becoming a Starting Strength coach, I spent many many many hours chasing dreams of being as skinny as someone else and having as many abs “that girl”. I was constantly feeling unfulfilled and stuck. It was in 2013 that I put a stop to my CrossFit douchebaggery and started to fully appreciate true training and the process of getting STRONG which has given me a healthier appreciation for my body and its capacity.

I compete in Powerlifting and Strengthlifting with personal bests of a 290lb Squat (gym), 105lb Press (gym), 200lb Bench (gym), 410lb Deadlift (competition) and a 90lb Weighted Chin-up.

I coach to help people become stronger and appreciate their abilities rather than being a burden to the gene pool and an unfulfilled and weak exerciser, like I was.

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