Nick Soleyn

SSC, Editor-in-Chief

Nicholas Soleyn, JD, is a recovering lawyer and quintessential weekend warrior. He has been an amateur boxer and traditional martial artist, recreational marathoner and endurance sports enthusiast, zealous crossfitter, mediocre powerlifter, and more recently has become mildly obsessed with Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Oss!

No sport or physical pursuit has come naturally to Nick. He has put thousands of hours into training, studying, making mistakes and paying for them, and, most importantly, learning. In his decades long pursuit of fitness, he has learned that strength is the foundation of health and fitness, and the Starting Strength methods form the basis for his entire approach to training. He has been fortunate to coach (as a certified Starting Strength Coach since 2012) young people, old people, athletes and non-athletes, and a few who fit none of those categories. He trains people to help them with athletics, with picking up children and grandchildren, and for life–the greatest sport of all.

Preferring the uncertain world of entrepreneurship to the golden handcuffs of a traditional legal career, Nick pursues a full-time editing and writing career in addition to his private coaching practice. He helps assess Starting Strength Coach candidates’ knowledge and experience as part of the coaching certification process. And, a few of his writings have been featured on Starting Strength’s main website. He hopes to continue to grow his writing and editing expertise in the strength and fitness genre. So far he has been fortunate enough to work with some of the great minds of the industry including Mark Rippetoe and Jim Wendler.

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