Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds


Matt Reynolds has nearly 20 years of experience competing in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning. He first totaled “elite” in powerlifting in 2004, won his professional status in the sport of Strongman in 2006, and founded one of the strongest and largest pure-strength gyms in the country, STRONG Gym, (PowerliftingWatch Gym of the Year 2013 and 2014).

Matt’s strength articles have been widely published since 1999, and he has been interviewed by some of the world’s most popular podcasts, including Art of Manliness, STRONG Life with Zach Even-Esh, Barbell Business, PT Prophet, and Power Athlete.

Matt is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA, and holds his Starting Strength Certification. Since 2010, he traveled throughout the country serving as staff coach with Mark Rippetoe for Starting Seminars. He also has served as an adjunct professor for Exercise Science at Bryan University.

Matt now coaches almost exclusively online, providing in-depth coaching services through Starting Strength Online Coaching, a company built on bringing premium strength coaching from Starting Strength Coaches to those who don’t have a Starting Strength Coach in their area.

He and his beautiful bride, Rachel, have been married for 16 years, and they have two beautiful little girls; Cailin, 11, and Kinsley, 6, two dogs, Bentley and Bella, and 2 cats, Hazel and Riley.

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