Heather Glover

SSOC Intern

I discovered Starting Strength in May of 2015. After being pregnant with my son I had gained a lot of weight and was sitting around 190. After a year of having a trainer tell me I couldn’t eat more than chicken, broccoli, rice, and egg whites 3x a day and not letting me lift more than 25lb at a time, I decided I was done being weak.

My original goal was to just lose weight and while that worked I felt like something was missing. About half way through my weight loss I started asking about getting strong. I saw women deadlifting 300 pounds and I wanted to do that. The trainer kept telling me I didn’t need that and convinced me I would just get hurt.

I found Starting Strength a few months later and knew that it was what I had been looking for this whole time. I started reading the Starting Strength book and took a Squat Camp from Matt Reynolds. From there I went to a Starting Strength Seminar in July of 2015 and watched the coaches teach and perform the lifts. I knew immediately it is what I wanted to do. Since then I have started my own strength gym in my hometown of Camden, Tennessee. I have assisted Matt in coaching Fighting Strong here in Camden, Tennessee. I am continuing my education by reading multiple books on strength and condition as well as striving to achieve the Starting Strength Coach Certification. I have will also be taking a level 1 Crossfit Certification in March of 2017. I look forward to helping you meet your strength training goals!

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