CJ Gotcher

Starting Strength Coach

CJ Gotcher, SSC, CSCS, is a Starting Strength Coach and Lieutenant in the US Naval Reserve coaching out of Ironmonger’s Gym and CrossFit 760 near Vista, California. A lifelong competitor in various sports including fencing, Tae Kwon Do, soccer, cross country, OCR, Jiujitsu, and CrossFit, CJ began actively strength training in 2013 after realizing the incredible potential of barbell training to develop athleticism and promote long-term health.

CJ currently competes as a raw powerlifter with a 1201 total in the 165# weight class. He also writes articles for Starting Strength, Breaking Muscle, and other publications on the topics of strength training and correcting silly bullshit. He is qualified as a CF-L1, PN1, and USAW Sports Performance Coach.

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