Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy

Starting Strength Coach

Anna Marie is one of a great group of Starting Strength Coaches working in the Pacific Northwest.

She is a homeschooling mother of five, competitive powerlifter in the USAPL, USAPL Washington State Referee, and Sole Owner and Operator of AM Strength in Tacoma, WA.

Anna Marie PR’d her deadlift while 32 weeks pregnant with her 5th child and trained the big lifts until the week her daughter was born. She was back to training again four weeks after her fastest, easiest, labor and delivery.

She has experience coaching people from all walks of life. From young athletes to people recovering from knee or shoulder surgery to busy parents and grandparents who just want to be able to play with their kids or grandkids.

Anna Marie has competed in soccer, water polo and swimming and has coached high school soccer and youth swimming. She recognizes the benefit strength has added to her daily life as well as her athletic life and enjoys spreading the knowledge to any and every person she can help.

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