Zohar is the only certified Starting Strength Coach in Israel and is extremely passionate about the method offered through Starting Strength. After 8 years of serving as a top combat Operations Officer in the IDF Navy, his dedication now is to offer a growing generation of 40+ year olds a simple and effective way to age with a stronger and more capable version of themselves than they ever imagined. 

Zohar offers coaching in both Hebrew and English. 


Coaching Options

Online Programming 

For those who want to not have to worry about how to program for themselves, not get frustrated with how to get unstuck in training, and generally desire a personalized program to fit their goals at every stage of the life and schedule.

  1. Initial online Zoom call. 
  2. Customized program with weekly review and updates. 

Cost: 120 ILS (~30$) a month (*Requires a 3-month commitment)


Online Programming + Form Checks

For those who have been previously coached by a Starting Strength Coach and are still not sure whether their form is correct. For lifters who feel they need an expert’s eye on their form on a regular and continuing basis, to make sure their form stays well with their increasing strength.

  1. Initial online Zoom call. 
  2. Customized program with weekly review and updates. 
  3. Weekly Form Check review and feedback of one video per lift per week.

Cost: 400 ILS (~115$) a month (*Requires a 3-month commitment)


Online Programming + Form Checks + In Person

Especially for lifters who are new to Starting Strength and strength training in general, and who can attend an in-person session in Tel Aviv once a month! 

  1. Initial online Zoom call. 
  2. Customized program with weekly review and updates. 
  3. Weekly Form Check review and feedback of one video per lift per week.
  4. A semi-private session once a month, every month!
  5. An Intro Session to the barbell lifts at 30% discount! (Required)

Cost: 590 ILS (~170$) a month (*no commitment) 

[+ 400 ILS (~115$) for the Intro Session charged at the first month only]


In Person Coaching in Tel Aviv

The Barbell Clinic – A two-hour, private session that covers in-depth how to perform the primary barbell lifts of the Starting Strength method.

Cost: 600 ILS (~170$) for 1 lifter, 800 ILS (~230$) for 2 lifters 

Email now to
contact@zohary.com to schedule a free phone consultation.

Let’s spread the word out together – Strength training is extremely life changing!

Israeli doctors, dietitians, physical therapist, and health professionals – Come and get 30% off on the Barbell Clinic!

Experience the benefits yourselves and enrich your patients lives!


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3 Reviews

  1. inbal mayuni
    inbal mayuni
    February 11, 2020 at 10:35 am

    I’ve started in person coaching with Zohar, once a week for several months, after which we gradually transitioned into online coaching of form checks + programming. 

    I was a very active and sporty young girl and always knew the importance of exercise, but never liked lifting weights. Zohar was very thorough with making sure I was lifting with good form, and I got the confidence to lift weights without being worried about hurting myself. 

    I was sooo surprised how quickly my body got noticeably stronger. I felt an improved sense of capability in my everyday life, I was less tired in my day to day work, I felt it especially when I used to have long drives at night where I used to be very tired and after only a few weeks of strength training I could drive during the night easily all of a sudden! 

    I also used to have aches and pains in my shoulder and wrist on and off for many years, and I was worried that I would have pain during my training, but on the contrary! We were attentive to these areas when we started out, and without even noticing I realized there are no more aches at all anymore. 

    Thank you Zohar so much for your expert coaching, I highly recommend Zohar to everyone that looks for an expert coach that goes into every little detail, a coach you can really grow with! 

  2. Raz
    February 12, 2020 at 9:47 am

    Only after I’ve started training with Zohar and getting to know the Starting Strength method better, I came to really understand the value of strength training and the high levels of technique you need in order to keep getting strong effectively.

    When we first started I didn’t think I would be able to get to these heavy weights and to have that good of a form. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have, without everything I got from our training.

    I think this is the most effective method out there to get strong, and of course, I couldn’t have made it without Zohar and his coaching and support, both inside and outside of the gym. I highly recommend Zohar to everyone that wants to get stronger and to understand in depth the Starting Strength method!

  3. Viktor Nyden
    Viktor Nyden
    February 12, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    I had a 2 hour barbell clinic coaching with Zohar. Hands down the best 2 hour investment of my strength training to date. I am 36 years old and have been strength training on and off for ~12 years. Yet Zohar were able to provide tactical advice to significantly improve my form across the board.

    – Deeper squats with maintained strength and reduced wrist pressure
    – Stronger benchpress with improved leg drive
    – Overall better form to improve ROM and reduce risk of injuries

    Zohar paid close attention to my needs and wrote a detailed follow up across all exercises afterwards. He was extremely responsive with any follow up questions I had, providing answers tied to my workout goals.

    Highly recommended!

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