At Hygieia Strength & Conditioning, we believe that everyone can and should get stronger. However, we understand that training at our Singapore location might not be feasible for everyone. To guide you along the process of strength training and to ensure that you progress towards your goals—wherever you are in the world—we are extending our reach beyond Singapore with online coaching.


1-on-1 Online Coaching 


1-on-1 online coaching is our personalised service that gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals with barbell strength training. With 1-on-1 online coaching, you can strength train with barbells safely and efficiently with regular form feedback and custom-designed programs – from everywhere in the world. Add accountability to your training and you’ll be well on your way towards your goals.


Barbell Club Online Coaching


Affordable online coaching with new workouts every week and access to Starting Strength Coaches to answer all your training questions.

*Please note that the Barbell Club online coaching doesn’t include feedback on each lift on every session or personalised programming. For regular form feedback and individualised programming, refer to our 1-on-1 online coaching.


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