I have been a Starting Strength Coach since 2016 and a personal trainer since 2009.  I live in New York City and run the Strength Program at Crossfit Solace with fellow SSC Hayden-William Courtland.  I am happy to work with anyone interested in getting stronger.

Online Coaching:

Training is delivered through the TrueCoach App, where programming is given, you take video of your lifts, and I give feedback. I have two levels of online coaching membership:

1 – Novice (first 1-3 months) – $200/mo

  • Training delivered weekly with 2 or more video check-ins per week. Every session will be coached with video feedback.

2 – Intermediate/Advanced (after novice phase) – $125/mo

  • Training delivered weekly or in blocks with 1 or more check-in(s) per week. Coaching and video feedback is given weekly.


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