Strength programming for competitive martial artists.

Strikers that train for strength hit harder. Grapplers that get strong squeeze tighter. This is why steroids are banned – because strength provides a competitive advantage.

If you’re actively competing in Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu and are willing to train with barbells at least two days per week, I may be able to help. All else being equal, the stronger competitor wins.

$1800 for a three month program with weekly phone check-ins.


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  1. Chris Paez
    Chris Paez
    June 24, 2019 at 9:23 pm Reply

    I’ve been a life long martial artist in Muay Thai; and never have I thought I needed strength training until I met Ray. Ever since I started this training program it has given me the power/strength/confidence to really gain that competitive edge in Muay Thai. Not only that, but Starting Strength has given me a whole new outlook on the meaning of strength and the benefits it has not only for combat sports, but for life in general.

    Being a smaller person my striking game has always been as technical as can be. Having the better technique will always be more efficient as a smaller guy in the ring. I was always in a caloric deficit trying to cut an absurd amount of weight. I thought by increasing my food intake and adding barbell training will only make me slower. Boy was I wrong.

    Once I started incorporating Starting Strength and getting coached by Ray, my game has taken on a whole new level. My posterior chain (hip extensors) have gained so much control and strength that I have slowly changed my style to be more aggressive and comfortable being the one sitting in the pocket. I have noticed my power skyrocket in all forms of my striking including knees and feeling strong in the clinch. Ray has helped me gain a solid 10lbs of muscle mass which has moved me up a whole weight division, and win a IAMTF title of Western California for Wck Muay Thai. I can’t stress enough how much Ray has helped me get stronger and battle ready for competition. He really pays attention to detail and will find ways for you to understand the technique. I really recommend coaching by Ray as he is as passionate and technical as they come.

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