Coach Jeff is a Brazilian jiu jitsu brown belt and instructor at the renowned Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy in Costa Mesa, CA. He is also a certified Starting Strength Coach who teaches lifters out of The Strength Co.,  Starting Strength Affiliate Gyms in Orange County, CA. 

Jeff can help lifters with form, nutrition and programming. He is uniquely able to help BJJ practitioners deal with how to manage their barbell training while practicing jiu jitsu.

Book a one-hour live session with Jeff and begin lifting live, in real time with a Starting Strength Coach using video conference software.

Price – $150

If you’re new to Starting Strength Jeff will go over the major barbell lifts and then teach you how to squat, deadlift and press during your 1 hour session while giving you live feedback.

For experienced lifters Jeff will go over your training log, and then coach you live under the bar as well.

If you have any questions about getting online coaching, please reach out to me at or give the gym a call – (919) 673-4228. We pick up the phone and answer emails promptly.


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