As a scientist by training, I take an individualized, evidence-based approach to coaching. Every person is different in their fitness goals and their biology. With a research background in orthopedics and metabolism I have a keen appreciation for how age, sex, body size, and medical history can impact health and fitness.

I offer coaching in strength, conditioning, and nutrition (as well as hybrids of those as needed). Whether you are an athlete looking to increase performance or just trying to live a healthier life, my first-hand experience and ongoing immersion in scientific literature enables me to offer you a unique training experience.

My online coaching services generally run in 1-month blocks with programming administered through the TrueCoach platform. Form checks and lifting commentary is given for all workouts. For more details on my coaching services and pricing, feel free to visit my website ( or drop me an email. I would be more than happy to discuss the specifics of your training needs via email or a video call.


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