The Strength Co. offers two online coaching services:

1. online programming for intermediate / advanced lifters,

2. online coaching via weekly video check-ins.


Online Programming Price, $29/mo

For those who have previously worked with a Starting Strength Coach, have completed their Novice Linear Progression and are looking for intermediate programming. Programs are sent to you in Slack every Sunday, and members have access to coaches all week long for questions/concerns.


Online Coaching Price $179/mo:

For anyone looking to get stronger without physical access to a Starting Strength Coach. Preferably for those who have worked with a Starting Strength Coach at least once previously. Limited spots available. Top work sets are posted by the lifter every Saturday. Form critiques, instructions, and programming for the next week are provided via Slack on Sundays. Members have access to coach all week long for questions/concerns. Program Includes:

• 30 min on-boarding call to discuss goals, past training history, and personal plan going forward.

• Weekly form checks.

• Access to The Strength Co. staff via Slack for questions regarding nutrition, programming etc…



Grant also specifically works with military personnel from all backgrounds and branches. He has helped countless Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers to measurable results on their Physical Fitness Tests  (PFTs), Army Physical Fitness Tests (APFT), and the Navy Physical Readiness Tests (PRTs). A graduate of The Citadel, Grant has personnel experience performing the APFT as he was required to perform the test for four years prior to commissioning into the Marine Corps. As a Marine he has specifically helped Marines and Sailors to top scores on their physical fitness test, combat fitness test, and Navy Physical Readiness Test.  Additionally, he has used strength training to improve the body composition of Marines in order to help them achieve compliance with the Marine Corps Body Composition Program (BCP). Lastly, along with training entire company size elements in strength training routines, he  has designed and written programs for those training for Marine Special Operations Command Assessment and Selection (MARSOC).


Grant personally handles a small number of online Military clients for $349/mo


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5 Reviews

  1. Ray Gillenwater
    Ray Gillenwater
    June 21, 2019 at 9:04 pm Reply

    Grant and I met before I was an SSC. I hired him to help with a few of my clients – to ensure I was applying the Starting Strength model correctly. We later worked together and he helped me further develop my coaching eye and cueing skills.

    He is a skilled and experienced coach and has made hundreds of people strong – both in the gym and in the Marine Corps.

  2. Capt Nolan Hickey, USMC
    Capt Nolan Hickey, USMC
    June 24, 2019 at 2:25 am Reply

    In early September 2014, I walked into the 1st Platoon, Tango Battery office as a “boot” 2ndLt ready to start my career as an artillery officer. It was the first time I met 1stLt Grant Broggi.

    Grant is a larger than life personality who is passionate about coaching and getting people strong – especially his Marines.

    Our first time in the gym together, he summarized my workout by shaking his head in disappointment and saying, “You’re doing it all wrong!”

    He was correct! I needed coaching in a bad way.

    But, as life would have it, an unexpected event in October 2014 left me with a shattered jaw that was wired for roughly a month. In that time, my weight dropped from a healthy 245 down to 213 on my 6’8″ frame. I lost QUALITY weight in a drastic way.

    By Jan 2015, the wires were off and I was ready for Grant’s coaching. Grant took me under his wing, set me straight with Starting Strength and offered these guiding principles:

    1) Learn the lifts
    2) Keep a logbook
    3) Make the time

    Our first workout (logged properly in a notebook) was on 29 Jan 2015 in Grant’s Carlsbad, CA garage:

    Squat – 165x5x3
    Press – 95x5x3
    Bench – 165x5x3
    Deadlift – 275x5x1

    On 24 Mar 2015, I squatted 315x5x3 for the first time and was weighing in around 255. In just 90 days, I was hitting personal bests on every lift and it showed. My clothes didn’t fit anymore, for all the right reasons, and senior Marines aboard Camp Pendleton, CA were noticing my transformation. It peaked their interest and led them to set appointments with Grant for one on one coaching before or after the workday.

    Over the next year, Starting Strength consumed me with the help of Grant’s watchful eye. I bought lifting shoes, got fitted for a belt and made time three days a week to get under the bar. It boosted my confidence, sharpened my mind and molded my leadership style to best serve my Marines.

    Personal bests under the bar consisted of:

    Squat – 370x5x3 (16 Feb 2016)
    Bench – 280x5x3 (10 Feb 2016)
    Deadlift – 415x5x1 (20 Jan 2016)

    Over four years later, I am still following Starting Strength, wearing the same shoes, the same belt and applying those guiding principles in my life.

    I am eternally grateful to Grant for his coaching, mentorship and his passion for getting under the bar. If you’re looking for a change in your life, reach out to Grant, learn the techniques, keep a logbook and make the time.

    You will not regret it.

    Capt Hickey, USMC

  3. Michael Rosenberg
    Michael Rosenberg
    June 24, 2019 at 11:28 pm Reply

    I went to college and served in the Marine Corps with Grant. He’s the person who led me to strength training; which is an aspect of my life that I hold dear.

    Grant taught me not only how to lift, but the why behind it. His instruction led me to the larger arena of strength and powerlifting.

    He’s a great instructor with top notch communication skills that allow him to make information relatable at any level.

    Highly recommend.

  4. Captain Kyle J Rempe, USMC
    Captain Kyle J Rempe, USMC
    June 26, 2019 at 9:42 pm Reply

    *Marine Starting Strength Coach cracks the code on the Marine Corps PFT*

    I have known and served with Grant since July of 2012. Simply put, Grant is the type of guy that everyone looks up to. Mostly because he’s a stellar Marine Officer and great person. While serving with him, I witnessed Marines of all ages, young, older and his peers regularly seek his strength training advice and want to be his friend.

    I personally sought his advice when preparing for the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Combat Fitness Test (CFT), Marine Corps Special Operations Assessment and Selection program and general strength training. His programming allows for the integration of strength training and preparation for the Marine Corps tests, like the 3-mile run. He strikes the perfect balance for training, allowing you to retain your strength gains in the gym and compete at a high level for the Marine Corps tests.

    I currently serve as a Marine Captain at Camp Pendleton with 10 years time in service. Prior to working with Grant, I would stop strength training in order to prepare for the 3-mile PFT run. My preparation would involve traditional running programs such as long distance runs varying from 3 miles to 6 miles. In doing so, I had to sacrifice my strength training gains and was force to start over in the gym after completing the PFT. After meeting Grant and his programming, that all changed.

    With Grant’s programming I have always ran a HIGH first class PFT. Over the past three years, I have ran the following scores: 264, 275 and this year 280 (with a 21:30 three mile time). I have also maxed out the CFT over the past three years with a perfect score of 300. During this time, I maintained (+/- 10 pounds) 435 back squat, 405 deadlift, 325 bench press and 215 press.

    The results speak for themselves. Seek out Grant, follow his advice and you’ll crush it.

  5. Ugo Mendes Donelli
    Ugo Mendes Donelli
    January 10, 2020 at 7:44 pm Reply

    I can tell you that when Grant Broggi started training me I took off.
    I have read Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training trough 3 times. I started training on my own in an (hostile) Functional Training environment for more than 1 year. And Grant Broggi’s made the whole difference. He was able to spot my weaknesses and address them with ease, then accelerate my strength building process.
    I think it would have taken me a whole year to make the same progress I could reach in two months, thank to Grant Broggi’s help. He is patient and though. He is able to give the right cue and instruction, understanding where your limits are and where your potential is (better than yourself). You will be surprised when you will be able to lift weights you didn’t dream of with ease, because he understood your pace.

    Don’t think twice hiring him because his help will speed up your progress like you could never have done, safely.

    Grazie Grant!

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