David is the proud owner and operator of Chicago Strength & Conditioning located in the Edgebrook neighborhood of Chicago. He has been coaching since 2011, and a Starting Strength Coach since 2014.

As a competitive powerlifter, David’s best lifts are a 612 lb squat, 585 lb deadlift, 280 lb overhead press, and 425 lb bench press.


Monthly Custom Programming

Available only to intermediate and advanced lifters who have received in-person coaching from a Starting Strength Coach.

– Initial 30-minute video consultation
– Programming delivered monthly via TrueCoach
– Weekly check-ins and modifications as needed
– $150/month for 3-months

Monthly Hybrid Coaching

This service is available only to intermediate lifters with access to commute to Chicago Strength & Conditioning in Chicago. As an SSC and a gym owner, David can offer a blend of both in-person and online coaching. In person coaching, even as infrequently as 1x/month can fix form errors 10x faster than post-hoc video analysis.

– Programming delivered monthly via TrueCoach
– Weekly check-ins and modifications as needed
– Either: 5-visits/month to CS&C group classes OR one (1) 60-minute private session per month
– $250/month for 3-months

Please contact dave@chicagosc.com for inquiries and availability.


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2 Reviews

  1. Ahsan
    July 25, 2019 at 7:09 pm Reply

    David has been my coach since March of 2018. I came to Chicago Strength & Conditioning from various other fitness programs like Crossfit, Pilates etc. I was overweight, injury-prone, and could barely lift. Under David’s watchful eye I have increased my lifts and watched myself become stronger than I ever have been. He has taught me about proper form & nutrition. He has helped me alleviate issues I had with my knees, back, and shoulders.

    David is an exceptional coach and I strongly recommend him as a coach.

  2. Carl
    July 28, 2019 at 7:10 pm Reply

    David is an excellent coach with whom I have trained for over 6 years. He is patient and consistent and has a strong focus on the basics. He has helped me to become quite strong and keeps me motivated to lift on a regular schedule, even when I’m on vacation. Though Dave’s focus is on the core strength lifts of Squat, Press, and Deadlift, he has expanded my program to include additional accessories and helped me to develop consistency and technique, to the point where I actually get complements on my form from other lifters. Due to his attention I have been able to avoid any injury from lifting, and probably have avoided several other injuries in daily life thanks to the strength I have gained from the Starting Strength program.

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