Craig is Canada’s only Starting Strength Coach. He coaches out of East Van Barbell where he works with a wide range of populations from novices, competitive lifters, to the aging population (70+).  It is his purpose to help people get stronger under the bar, and in life. 

Craig’s online coaching service involves an initial video call to discuss goals, training history, etc. Service include programming and form checks of all work sets with responses every 24/48 hours. Cost is 175 CAD/month, (120 USD).

Craig is also available for real time online sessions for 75 CAD hr (50 USD).



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  1. Andres
    January 15, 2021 at 11:09 am

    Excellent coach, very thorough and detail oriented
    Craig coached me through online form checks for all the lifts and provided some incredibly detailed feedback and cues that I have found incredibly helpful. Highly recommended.

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