Owner and operator of Lane Strength and Conditioning in Baltimore, MD. Former intern of Westminster Strength and Conditioning. Active powerlifting competitor in USAPL and USSF. Experience with all demographics; male, female, age 11-80, strength athletes and general population who realize the value of getting stronger.

Don’t have access to a coach in person?  Online coaching is the next best thing.  Have an experienced coach with thousands of coaching hours right along side you every step of the way to make sure you are being held accountable and doing everything correctly to make you the strongest version of yourself.

First Month of Online Coaching- $200/month. Includes initial consultation to determine personal goals, a program tailored to the lifter’s personal goals, detailed form checks, and help with choosing each training session’s numbers.

Every Month After First Month- $100/month- continued form checks and programming tailored to the lifter’s personal goals.


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